Weekend Favorites (v8)

We’ve been getting sh*t stuff done this past week! We decided on a car, hired an au pair, confirmed a c-section date… we’re moving right along in this baby preparedness plan (or lack thereof). Tim and I do not necessarily excel at planning ahead, so this progress (a whole month ahead of time!) is making me feel great!

But also, I’m 35 weeks pregnant and am feeling large and was up all of last night (I finally fell asleep  at 6am and woke up at 9:30am for church) with false labor… so there’s that! I think I kind of forced myself to forget how uncomfortable the third trimester can be and am now being rudely reminded. But still, I’m feeling mentally on top of it, so I can handle the physical discomfort. Moving on.

Things I’m Into:

  • I started the Momma Strong program this month, and it’s been perfect for me! I wish I would have signed up earlier. I still prefer to use the app Aaptiv when I go to the gym, but let’s be honest, these last few weeks of pregnancy aren’t ideal for me going to the gym and doing a whole heck of a lot. Momma Strong offers a 15 minute workout every single day for pregnant ladies, postpartum ladies, and mommas who are years out from having kids. And it’s only $5 per month.
  • Speaking of exercise, I’m bookmarking this squat workout to do when I’m feeling like doing actual workouts again. (So maybe in 3 years? 4 years? Never?)
  • I’m a huge fan of John Gottman, so when I saw that he was interviewed by Dax Shepard on his podcast, I had to listen. The conversation was so, so good and I immediately forced strongly encouraged Tim to listen to it, too.
  • “What you put in your brain influences your thoughts. And the quality of your thoughts influences the outcome of your life. That’s why I protect the gates to my brain as much as I can. You do that by not consuming junk information like the news or mindless entertainment. You also do that by not associating with toxic people. And you also nurture your brain by reminding yourself of all the things that make life better. Here are 14 of those things. When I do these things, I’m a better person.” (here) 
  • I finished this book this past week, and I highly recommend it for a good (light) fiction read. Plus, the ebook is only $2 on Amazon right now.
  • Now I’m onto this book. I’m enjoying it so far. I’ll report back when I’m done!

What are you loving right now?

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