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Adventuring with Kids: Skiing in Whistler

Late last month we spent five glorious days vacationing spending time in Whistler. It was our family + au pair (Lilly) and I think we finally have this ski vacation thing down. We’ve gone to Whistler for ski trips three … Continue reading

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Things I’m Into: February

I want to start a monthly list of things I’m into. I did it a version of it last month but I’m going to switch around the formatting so it’s less recap, more quick recommendations. ANYWAYS. Onto February. Shoes I … Continue reading

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Terrible Things I Love

A few months ago The Bloggess wrote a post about the terrible things she loves. Read the post, read the comments! In honor of Valentines Day… Here are some things that no one believes I actually love, but I do! Mondays. … Continue reading

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I love January in theory, but in actuality I only love like the first few days of January because the rest of it is looooooong! I feel like New Years was three years ago. + I spent the first part of … Continue reading

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130 things that made my year (2019)

100 130 Things That Made My Year (2019) (This idea stolen borrowed/stolen from Austin Kleon) Celebrating the first day of the new year (2019) by walking on the beach (at Carkeek Park) with my two little ones. I even set up … Continue reading

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