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Things I’m Into: February

I want to start a monthly list of things I’m into. I did it a version of it last month but I’m going to switch around the formatting so it’s less recap, more quick recommendations. ANYWAYS. Onto February. Shoes I … Continue reading

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Terrible Things I Love

A few months ago The Bloggess wrote a post about the terrible things she loves. Read the post, read the comments! In honor of Valentines Day… Here are some things that no one believes I actually love, but I do! Mondays. … Continue reading

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I love January in theory, but in actuality I only love like the first few days of January because the rest of it is looooooong! I feel like New Years was three years ago. + I spent the first part of … Continue reading

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This time around I’m renting maternity clothes (and am loving it)!

One of the things I’m doing differently this pregnancy, compared to my other two, is renting maternity clothes. Let me back up. During my first pregnancy, I mainly wore non-maternity clothes, with a very few exceptions. This worked because we … Continue reading

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Weekend Favorites (v5)

Well it may as well be that ‘lost’ week between Christmas and New Years, because I have no idea what day it is and everything is a blur. We’re just at home… existing. Except the crazy thing is that there’s … Continue reading

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