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Our first date night in… too long.

We went on a date last night. This shouldn’t be news (because you know, we’re married and everything) but it is. It’s news because we haven’t actually gone on a 1-on-1 date since Valentine’s Day. I wish I were¬†joking. After … Continue reading

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My heart is full today (but not as full as my stomach).

Today was one of those wonderful, soul-filling days.  We woke up to Clara smiling (well, after she was done yelling to let us know she was awake) and rain falling. That sums up what my perfect morning looks like: family, … Continue reading

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The best advice I can offer a new mother.

I was lucky when I was pregnant – I got very little unsolicited advice. The same cannot be said for this new mom stage. I get advice all of the time, whenever I go out. It’s always (I assume) given … Continue reading

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Lasagna and dreamcoats and March Madness and baby bumps… It’s been busy around here!

Before I even get started, I want to tell you that (after avoiding it for a year) I setup a Facebook Page for ‘Two Martinis’. If any of you have any tips on effectively using Facebook for blogging, let me … Continue reading

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