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The Final Countdown – 39 Weeks Pregnant!

In the blink of an eye (or a very long 9 months), Baby Beni and I have made it full-term – I’m finally 39 weeks pregnant, to be exact! At this point I have a free-loading baby on my hands … Continue reading

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My Birth Plan (or preferences, whatever)

I have a lot of thoughts on labor and delivery. A LOT. I just love to know all of the information and choices available to me and I find it fascinating and terrifying. I’ll write a blog post later about how … Continue reading

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My To-Do List Before Baby Beni Arrives

Last week I talked a bit about what soon-to-be (first time) moms should do in the final weeks before the arrival of a new baby. The list for second (or third, or fourth) time moms, however, is not the same. At … Continue reading

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Pre-Baby Bucket List (for those final weeks)

I know there are a lot of ‘what you need to do before you can welcome a baby into the world’ type of lists out there, and for the record – I don’t agree with most of them. For instance, … Continue reading

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Things I Want To Tell My Pregnant Friends

A few of my mom friends were chatting about pregnant women the other day (everyone I know is pregnant. Everyone.) and we were talking about how when we see first-time pregnant women we all kind of smile and nod and say … Continue reading

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