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SHE is here!

Introducing Isabelle Rose! Quick Stats: 4/30 = date of birth (ironically, the day I scheduled a post about still being pregnant) 41 weeks and 5 days = time it took her to finish ‘cooking’ 36 hours = length of labor … Continue reading

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Why I’m Still Pregnant

Going over 41.5 weeks pregnant is not for the weak of spirit, let me tell you. Not only am I physically uncomfortable (oh hey, contractions every 10 minutes for days and days and days) but I’m getting mentally tired, too. … Continue reading

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The Waiting Game (41 Weeks Pregnant)

Well, I was hoping not to see the 41 week mark with Baby Beni, but here we are! I can’t say I’m surprised, though. My water broke at 41+2 with Clara, but I think my due date for her was … Continue reading

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What I’m Feeling at 40 Weeks Pregnant

I’m officially 40 weeks pregnant and am feeling all of the emotions. I’m feeling anxious about when labor and delivery will start. I’m feeling a bit skeptical that labor will actually start at all (since it didn’t last time). I’m … Continue reading

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The Final Countdown – 39 Weeks Pregnant!

In the blink of an eye (or a very long 9 months), Baby Beni and I have made it full-term – I’m finally 39 weeks pregnant, to be exact! At this point I have a free-loading baby on my hands … Continue reading

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