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Three things I’m doing to be more productive this week

Last week was a lost cause because of the previously-written-about stomach bug that attacked me and Isabelle… so this week I was bound and determined to get sh*t stuff done. Since Clara is off of preschool (darn you, spring break!) this … Continue reading

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If you consider yourself to be productive at home, I could probably use your advice.

Routine.  It’s a word and concept I love and hate at the same time. I mean, I like the idea of a routine.  I’m Type-A enough that I love the thought of waking up at a certain time, drinking tea … Continue reading

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There are just so many things to do… at 2am.

Well, my schedule is all out of whack. Right now it’s 1am and the Husband is lying next to me in bed, apartment searching via every-website-ever and I’m trying to save an insane amount of pictures to our computer. Ozzie … Continue reading

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How am I so busy but get nothing done? (This isn’t a trick question).

Lately the sermons at our church have been so timely with what I spend most of my day thinking about. Or perhaps I just hear the sermons differently because of what I’m thinking about sub-consciously when the pastor is speaking. … Continue reading

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