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What I Learned in Jan/Feb

I’m a little late on this (what else is new?!) but I wanted to share a few things I learned in January and February. January One word: SLEEP I learned how to do it. Guys, this sounds crazy, I know. … Continue reading

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My January 2018 Resolutions

I mentioned this before, but I’m trying something new with resolutions this year. I’m actually making them! Written down! While the one-word approach has worked in previous years, I find that I do better with more clear goals/tasks/resolutions/etc. So this … Continue reading

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2016! Final thoughts.

Well, I was thinking back on this past year and thought my one word (the past few years I’ve picked one word to focus on instead of coming up with specific resolutions) was ‘intentional’, but then I looked back at … Continue reading

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Checking in (on my 2015 resolutions)

There is nothing I love more than the one-word resolution ‘trend’. In 2013 my word was ‘Freedom’, in 2014 my word was ‘Still’, and in 2015 my word is ‘Intentional’. I think that the fact that I remember my ‘resolution’ … Continue reading

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In 2015 I’m going to strive to be intentional.

If you haven’t read yesterday’s post, you probably should to get a bit more context behind my resolution for 2015. Go ahead, I’ll wait. The highlights of last year included doing new things. We traveled to places we had never … Continue reading

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