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It’s official, I’m 31!

Yesterday was my 31st birthday. Man, I feel old. Wait, that’s not true. I actually feel really young, but writing that I’m 31 years old seems unbelievable to me because the number ’31’ looks old. I swear I just graduated … Continue reading

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I’m crossing ‘win a bridal shower game’ off my bucket list.

Let’s keep today short and sweet (as Mondays should be, right?!). This weekend included: //  Dinner with friends at Mott Street, which is a restaurant I highly recommend. We ate on the patio, I had a delicious mocktail. We had … Continue reading

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My heart has been happy these last few weeks.

Life is made up of so many little moments/events that I’m awful at recording (both online and in my ‘real’ journal) but I don’t want to forget. I keep realizing that time is passing by quickly and we’ve been busy … Continue reading

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Our four perfect (and non-relaxing) days in Savannah and Charleston.

Vacation recaps are not my personal favorite posts to read, so I’ll keep this one (relatively) short and sweet. The Husband and I decided to go to Savannah and Charleston on our first ‘babymoon’. (Yes, we are taking two! I … Continue reading

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Do your loved ones feel ‘blogging pressure’ to perform?!

One question I’ve been thinking about that I’m sure has been addressed time and time again over the days/months/years: Do significant others of bloggers (or even friends, really) feel the need to ‘step up their game’ because they know whatever … Continue reading

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