Three cheers for love!

I kind-of sort-of wish I could hate Valentine’s Day because it’s just another Hallmark holiday and all of that good stuff.  But the thing is, I totally love Valentine’s Day.  It’s always been one of my absolute favorite holidays.

I mean, what’s not to like about a day celebrating love?!  Plus (need I remind you) there are chocolates involved.

Need I say more? Exactly.

So, in honor of February 14, I’d like to propose a toast:

This is how we spent our v-day evening.  Terrific dinner at Boka! This is how we spent our v-day evening. Terrific dinner at Boka!

Cheers to Valentine’s Day and the love that’s celebrated.  Cheers to all the love in life, past and current, that has gotten me to where I am today.  Cheers to the friends I’ve had and the friendships I’ve lost and the great friends who live life next to me, still.  Cheers to all the first dates and the last dates and the dates that never were. Cheers to the loves that made me cry and the loves I hurt and the love that is always worth fighting for.  Cheers to fleeting love and enduring love and the love that probably wasn’t love at all.  Cheers to pre-date jitters and nervous laughter and awkward conversations that lead to much more.  And cheers to the good times that are only that and nothing else.  Cheers to taking risks and getting hurt and trying again.  Cheers to the private jokes and drunken nights and driving around with no destination in mind.  Cheers to staying out late and bending the rules and the summer heat.  Cheers to sharing ice cream and kisses and stories.  Cheers to the valentines in grade school – one for every person in the class – and for giving the extra-special ones to the friends that meant the most.  Cheers to crushes and flings and firsts and the best friends who were a part of it all.  Cheers to arms that hug and ears that listen and shoulders that are leaned on.  Cheers to dressing up and red lipstick and – shoes.

An excuse to wear red high heels?  Yes, please! An excuse to wear red high heels? Yes, please!

Cheers to heartbreak and mended hearts and hearts that could not be any fuller.  Cheers to soul mates and lovers and confidants.  Cheers to companions and the supporting characters in the story that is our life.  Cheers to holding hands and sweaty palms and making the first move. Cheers to making promises and saying vows and the community that supports us. Cheers to love and respect between strangers and random acts of kindness.  Cheers to love that knows no boundaries, that exists in spite of flaws and accepts me the way I am.  Cheers to self-love and acceptance and unique beauty.  Cheers to breaking-up and making-up and finally feeling at home.  Cheers to all of my valentine’s this year, near and far, that have helped to form me into the person I am today.

But really, cheers to love in all of its forms that I’m thankful for everyday, but especially celebrate today.

And of course, a most special cheers to the Husband, who also happens to be my valentine.

Our third year celebrating Valentine's Day together! Our third year celebrating Valentine’s Day together!

I hope you had a most splendid day celebrating love in all of its forms!


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