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So much love!

It’s no secret that I love Valentine’s Day. Always have, always will! (source) I loved it when I was single and I love it now that I”m married. Mainly, I just love celebrating LOVE. There is so much negativity in … Continue reading

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Today I’m celebrating the birth of someone pretty special. (Not Jesus, yet).

Tomorrow we’ll celebrate the birth of Jesus, but today is an important day, too, because our families are celebrating the birth of the Husband! (Although, they prefer to call him Tim.) And because I don’t talk about him enough (yeah … Continue reading

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My perfectly simple day (which happened to include cheese-grater-like abs)

My favorite days have never been the big occasions. With big celebrations come big expectations and increased anxiety, and really, those days never seem as perfect (to me) as those days that just kind of sneak up on me with … Continue reading

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6 months! (and how I knew he was ‘the one’)

It’s been 6 months since our wedding. Six.Freaking.Months. Wow. I really cannot even understand how time goes by as fast as it does. I mean, 6 months… really?!  (OK, I’ve recovered from the shock, we can continue on with the … Continue reading

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ABCs of Marriage

** Warning: You may not want to read this post if you’re currently hating on relationships/love/etc, because you may gag and/or throw up and I really don’t want to be responsible for that. Still there? Good. Let’s continue on.   … Continue reading

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