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This is why we usually don’t watch award shows.

My husband is a very intelligent man and knows a lot of things about a variety of subjects. That being said, he knows next to nothing about pop culture. Not that I’m always ‘in the know’, but I do tend … Continue reading

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Things Tim has said recently (that he probably shouldn’t have).

This week Tim has been especially on point for saying things that he probably should just think and not say out loud (especially to his wife who may or may not be hormonal at any given second). And these convos are … Continue reading

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Conversations we’ve had in the last few days. (Part 2)

(See the first installment here)     Him: Do you think I’ll love Ozzie as much once Baby Tati (the nickname we use for the specimen in my uterus) is born? Me: You know, once the baby is born you still … Continue reading

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My husband and I don’t need to choose to be together.

The Husband and I have been married for 500+ days, officially. Not that I’m counting or anything. And I won’t say we have this marriage thing figured out, nor do I think we ever will. We’re figuring out what works … Continue reading

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Enough from me, let’s talk to some men instead.

I’m pretty sure this is a first (but actually, sometimes I forget about posts, so who really knows?!)*… the Husband is making an appearance on the blog! Along with another blogger-husband.  *Edit, the Husband pointed out that he did actually … Continue reading

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