Enough from me, let’s talk to some men instead.

I’m pretty sure this is a first (but actually, sometimes I forget about posts, so who really knows?!)*… the Husband is making an appearance on the blog! Along with another blogger-husband. 

*Edit, the Husband pointed out that he did actually guest write on here before when he gave some online dating advice. Dang it. He’s right.

Is there a term for ‘husband of a blogger’? Can we create one?

One of my sponsors, Amberly (who I’m very excited to re-introduce you to), very kindly donated her husband to be part of this post. Amberly writes about all things marriage and relationships on her blog, Life With Amberly and Joe, so I thought it would be fun to ask her main man some questions!

And then I asked the Husband (who we shall call Tim in this post, since that’s his name) to answer the same questions. (You know, because it’d be weird to have the first man on this blog not be him, right?!)

And of course Amberly and I chimed in, because obviously, we can’t let the boys have all the fun.

two martinis life with amberly and joe



What do you do for a living? 

Joe: I’m a security professional and entrepreneur.

Amberly: To clarify, Joe works retail security, and his favorite thing to do there is research and catch people involved in organized retail crime. He runs a lawn care business and has a few other entrepreneurial ideas in his head all the time.

Tim: I am a long time computer programmer and currently work as a Technical/Developer Evangelist for Microsoft. My job is pretty awesome and basically I am responsible for engaging with the local development community through speaking engagements, presentations, and online (blog, Twitter, Skype, etc). Currently I am helping developers build applications for Windows 8, Windows Phone, and Windows Azure. If you want to build an app feel free to engage with me at www.timrnd.com or @TimBenham! 

Lisa: I want to mention that Tim’s posted ONE blog post in months, and now he has a new respect for how often I blog and how difficult it is to come up with new material on a consistent basis!


What was your favorite part about your wedding? 

Joe: The honeymoon. 

Amberly: Isn’t this the typical male answer?

Tim: Lisa and I had a destination wedding and the best part (aside from marrying Lisa!) was having 60 of our closest friends and family there for a 3 day party. It was a ton of fun and I highly recommend destination weddings to anyone who is considering it. Our honeymoon to Africa was pretty awesome as well!



How would you describe your wife in 5 words? 

Joe: “Can you please do ______?” Because that’s all you say to me. 

Amberly: And then he listed all of the things I ask him to do. I don’t think he really understood the question, or maybe I need to work on improving some things so he’ll think of something else.

Tim: Loving, In-Shape, Smart, Beautiful, Amazing 

Lisa: I did not pay him nor did I offer him sexual favors to write that response. I’m now wondering why he’s sucking up and am assuming he’s broken something irreplaceable while packing up our apartment.


If you could spend a day doing absolutely anything, how would you spend it? 

Joe: I don’t even know, I don’t really have hobbies.

Amberly: Neither of us really know what those kind of days are like anymore.

Tim: My first thought was to sleep until I naturally wake up and catch up on my favorite show and just relax all day. However, that is really lame and when I re-read the ‘absolutely anything’ in the question I thought I should change my response. I think I would want to wake up and have breakfast / coffee with Steven D. Levitt and Stephen Dubner, the Authors of Freakonomics (I love their podcast), have lunch with Bill Gates, and then dinner with Obama. 

Lisa: I hope I get invited on this ‘perfect day’! (I’m only semi-offended it doesn’t involve me at all.)

two martinis life with amberly and joe


How would you describe your first date using only three adjectives? 

Joe: Um.. it was fresh, fast and tasty.

Amberly: I glared at him and he responded with, “What? You don’t like that one as the adjectives?” and he refused to change them, so I guess that’s his final answer.

Tim: Spontaneous, Engaging, Wonderful 

Lisa: I’m beginning to think we weren’t on the same date. I remember it as tipsy, over-sharing, and decent. (Cleary it was good enough, though, because here we are all married and stuff.)


What was something mischievous you did as a child? 

Joe: I rode my tractor down the stairs. 

Amberly: Halfway down, he lost control of his “vehicle” and drove it into the wall.

Tim: I “hacked” into my schools network and sent a message to all logged in users saying “This computer has been infected with a virus. Shutdown Immediately”. Everyone freaked out and shutdown their computers and frantically called the IT department. Needless to say the IT guys were not very happy. 

Lisa: Yep, he’s always been a rebellious nerd! (Good thing I’m into that sort of thing.)


What are your favorite hobbies, if money were no object? 

Joe: Golfing, investing, and real estate. 

Amberly: I get texts a lot telling me how much money we would have in 40 years if we invested such and such amount right now.

Tim: I would travel around the world. I love exploring new places, learning about new cultures, and meeting all kinds of people. 

Lisa: And this is why we’re married.


What are three things that make you most happy right now? 

Joe: Why are they all three?!? My fluffy puppy, and to be cute I’ll say Amberly, and um… tacos, burritos, Mexican food.

Amberly: I knew he loved the dog more than me.

Tim: Becoming a dad, our upcoming trips, and time with the guys. 

Lisa: I cannot wait until Tim becomes a dad. That thought makes ME the most happy right now, too.


If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why? 

Joe: Around these parts because I can. 

Amberly: We’re content with our community (in Utah). Although, I would be REALLY happy if we lived a few blocks from a beach.

Tim: I would like to have a home in the mountains, on a lake, with acres of land, miles from my neighbors, with a great internet connection. This would be our get-a-way place, and then I would also like to live in a major city like Chicago, but which one and in which country, I have no idea. 

Lisa: I guess we need to keep buying those lottery tickets…


What is something most people wouldn’t know about you? 

Joe: That I’m a genius. Oh wait, everyone knows that. I don’t know… that I’m humble.

Amberly: He likes to compare himself to Tony Stark when it comes to humility.

Tim: I have a 3 inch scare running down the length of my hand from when I got stepped on with a hockey skate. 

Lisa: Every time I see that scar I’m reminded of how I don’t want our future child(ren) to play hockey. (I’m also fully aware I’m going to lose this battle.)




Now don’t you feel you know a little bit more about everyone involved?! I know I do!

Make sure you head on over to say ‘hi’ to Amberly (and Joe!).

… And, because answering questions was so much fun, I thought I’d open up a little form where you can ask me or the Husband or me AND the Husband anything you want to know about us (pregnancy related, wedding related, marriage related, anything totally random…). If we get enough questions we’ll either do another Q&A post or we’ll do a vlog. Although, that may be a little fancy for us, so we’ll see.



Or see the form here.



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