Dear-Man-At-The-Bar-Who-Stepped-On-The Toilet-Paper-That-Was-Stuck-To My-Shoe: Thanks for doing that! Although, it probably wasn’t necessary to stop me to tell me that you did such a great deed. Next time just step on the TP and let me go about my drinking in blissful ignorance. 

Dear Early Morning Workouts: You kind of sucked this week, but I’m glad I hooked up with you. I’m feeling more buff by the minute. 

Dear Valpo: I wish you hadn’t let the game get so out of reach in the first half. But I’m still glad I picked you. Unless Michigan State gets past the next few rounds and destroys my entire bracket. If that turns out to be the case, loyalty be damned in the future!

Dear Trivia Teammates: I promise I’m smarter than my trivia skills would suggest. Thanks for carrying my dead trivia weight. 

Dear Twitter: Now that I’ve met you, I’m not sure how I ever survived without you.

Dear Social Life: Wow, you’ve been working overtime lately. You deserve a raise in the form of vodka.

Dear Chicago Weather: I’m over you. So, so over you. But thanks for at least being sunny this week, I can tell you’re really trying harder.

Dear Friday: I thought you’d never come!!!! In a lot of ways this week has flown by, but I could use some relaxing time with my love, so it’s nice of you to show up again, right on time. 

Dear Employer: I’m sorry I’ve been a bit unproductive the last few days. You see, I’ve been busy listening to/watching March Madness in between actually working and slowly but surely it’s become me working only during commercial breaks. Don’t worry, I’ll be back to my old semi-productive self in a few weeks.

Dear March Madness Bracket: I shouldn’t have filled you out while I was drunk. I was far too confident in teams that I should have known would never win. My conservative self seems to be much better at gambling. I promise I’ll do better next year.

Dear Beer/Vodka/Hard Cider: You’ve kept me going this week. I salute you.

… I’ll leave you with this song, because how can you not feel amazing when listening to it?! 

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Happy weekend!

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