A Quick May Recap

I really truly felt like the spring flew right on by this year. Usually January-May are my least favorite months.

No holidays between New Years and Memorial Day?! Yuck.

Cold and miserable Chicago weather? Double yuck.

But, this year these months seemed to fly by and summer is pretty much here to stay – so it seems! To make sure I wasn’t the only one who felt this way, I did an informal poll (I asked a few friends) and they agreed that this year has definitely been going by more quickly than other years.

I’m certainly not complaining, though. Bring on the sunshine and flowers and eating-ice-cream-outside weather!

But before we rush into June, I’m going to do a quick recap of our May.

In case you missed them, I wrote recaps of January, FebruaryMarch and April.

In May we…

  • Visited with two of my best friends who came into town to celebrate my best friend getting engaged! We had an afternoon of pizza, conversations, and fun times had by all – it was truly special to see these two ladies!

Two Martinis - Best Friends

Pretty in pink! These ladies have been two of my favorite people were 14 years now.

  • Took maternity photos (at 31.5 weeks). I’m obsessed with how they came out and I can’t wait to share them with everyone!
  • Started and graduated from finished our Labor and Delivery classes. We went to classes taught by doulas and I loved our experience there! It was really nice getting together (rather informally) with other pregnant couples who we shared our questions and concerns with. I would highly, highly recommend a non-medical (hospital) labor and delivery class if you have that option available to you.
  • Gave up blogging at night and on the weekends, in favor of rest and relaxation. This was a great decision and although my posts are published a bit later in the day than they used to be, I’m happier writing in the mornings!
  • Watched some playoff hockey as the Blackhawks played one exciting game after another. We were glued to our TV and I loved it – nothing is as exciting as NHL playoffs! (Well, except maybe March Madness. I do love March Madness.)
  • Celebrated Mothers Day with my mom and brothers by going to a Gospel Brunch at House of Blues. It’s always a treat to get together with my immediate family.

Two Martinis - Mothers Day 2014

  • Bought maternity clothes for the first time, and got excited as Bumpy (and me) grew larger and larger! People finally began to give up their seats for me on public transit and also started asking when the baby was going to be born. I love the belly touching and totally love answering questions about Bumpy, so I’ve enjoyed the extra attention! Surprisingly, no one has said anything too rude yet! (No comments about me expecting twins or being ready to pop or anything like that.)
  • Attended Pure Barre classes as much as I could before deciding my body just couldn’t handle the intensity anymore. Now I do vertical pushups and squats and walking and that’s about it!
  • Went to a couples’ prenatal yoga class and had a blast. I learned that Tim does not follow directions well, nor is he very relaxing to be around, but I was definitely entertained!
  • Traveled to Cincinnati to visit my relatives (I have a huge family on both my mom and dad’s sides) and celebrate Bumpy at his/her first baby shower! My cousin and aunt hosted the shower and completely outdid themselves – it was awesome! I really love and appreciate being able to spend time with my female family members.

Two Martinis - Bumpy's Baby Shower

  • Met our doula for the first time (in person). Of course she’s fantastic and I feel very confident having her as a member of our little birth ‘team’. I’m really, really glad that Tim and I have an extra support person to answer our questions.
  • Spent time brunching/lunching/dinner-ing (totally a word) with great friends and (in some cases) their new little ones!
  • Celebrated Memorial Day by doing a lot of things around the house – including sprucing up our new backyard! (‘New’ because we moved in February and haven’t enjoyed summer in this apartment yet!) It turns out that being a gardener is hard work and I’m just not sure I’m cut out for it.

In June we’re excited about celebrating Bumpy at two more baby showers, spending Fathers Day with Tim’s family, putting together the nursery (nope, still haven’t done that yet), enjoying the sunshine, spending lots of time with family and friends and each other, and finally being full-term and ready for Bumpy to make an appearance – it will definitely be this month or next month!


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