Third trimester pregnancy ‘confessions’

Today is another little pregnancy milestone – Bumpy is considered full-term! 

For those of you who have some knowledge on this subject, I’m aware that the new guidelines have 39 weeks as ‘officially’ full-term, but as far as my midwives are concerned, it’s still 37 weeks, so we’re going with that and are officially in ‘waiting mode’ until Bumpy arrives!

And by ‘waiting mode’ I mean that we’re busier than ever and trying to do a million things that we should have done months ago. But I’ll write another post on that at a later time.

I wrote a post on confessions for my first trimester and then another one on my second trimester… now it’s time for the third trimester confessions! 

(I’ve decided to write a separate post for the last few weeks of pregnancy, since let me tell you, a lot seems to have changed between 27/28 weeks and 37+ weeks! It’s impossible to group that all together and make any coherent sense out of it.)

third trimester pregnancy confessions

This picture was taken at 31/32 weeks pregnant.


  • I’m starting to get uncomfortable for the first time in the entire pregnancy (with the exception of nausea and some internal yuckiness… now I’m starting to feel pain in my ribcage and back and feet and that sort of thing). I’m especially uncomfortable at work, but it’s difficult to decide when to call it ‘quits’ and work from home or not at all.
  • I absolutely love feeling Bumpy move. I’m sure it will eventually get annoying, but it hasn’t yet.
  • I’m so grateful when people offer me their seats on public transportation. I could stand, but it’s really nice not needing to! On the same note, I get annoyed when people do not offer me their seat.
  • Being pregnant (with very few friends who are pregnant or who have had babies) can be a very isolating thing.
  • Whenever I see a newborn I get slightly terrified because how is something that big going to fit inside of me and then how in the world is it ever going to get out?!
  •  Every few days, a stranger stops and tells me what gender Bumpy is. I absolutely love this – what fun! I feel like the whole world is guessing along with me. I also don’t mind when strangers feel my belly… I guess I don’t really have an issue with personal space. Plus, this belly seems very much not-a-part-of-my-own-body.
  • I’ve been procrastinating everything that I should have been doing in the second/early third trimester. I really think I’ve been in denial that a baby is going to be the result of this pregnancy. Is that really strange?! Probably. I highly regret this decision as I’m getting to my last few weeks of pregnancy.
  • I’m definitely wearing maternity clothes now, even though it was my goal not to. I’m not convinced that maternity pants are the most comfortable things ever, but they’re at least easy to put on!
  • I really don’t have the energy to do a lot of things I want to do. This is both a blessing and a curse, in that it’s forcing me to slow down but also it’s FORCING ME TO SLOW DOWN and sometimes I just want to get shit stuff done.
  • I love baby showers way more than bridal showers – not just my own, although they have been fabulous, but everyone else’s, too. Baby gifts are just so much cuter and more fun to open!
  • Tim and I don’t use the baby names we’ve picked out when we’re talking to or about Bumpy. This little guy/gal inside of me is still ‘Bumpy’.
  • I really wonder how I’m going to keep expanding to contain this growing baby in my abdomen. I mean, a person can only stretch so much… right?!
  • Speaking of stretching, I still don’t have stretch marks and am happier about this than I should be. I could still get them, but so far so good! 
  • I love when people notice that I’m pregnant and I’m honestly still surprised that people notice even though I’m fairly large now! I think it’s because no one noticed for so long and I’m just not used to people commenting on it.
  • I’m fairly certain that all of the extra calories I eat per day (for the baby, of course!) are from my increased ice cream and root beer consumption. I’m not quite sure this is what the nutritionists had in mind so I’m trying to work on eating more and eating healthier, but honestly, I’m just not hungry. Bumpy is squishing my stomach and bladder and probably several other vital organs and food is almost never on my mind.
  • I really, really don’t want my rib tattoo to stretch out. But if it does, I’m just going to get another one entirely when I’m already in the parlor to fix my current one. Yes, I know this is a vain thought but I cannot help it, these are the things I’m worried about.
  • I really thought I could be one of those pregnant ladies who never slowed down… and then third trimester fatigue came and knocked me on my butt. I am so, so tired.
  • I actually find myself feeling incredulous that some people are so skinny, which is entertaining since I used to be one of them…
  • For weeks I was told that I was carrying low and now I’m told I’m carrying high. What the heck?! Shouldn’t it really be the opposite? I find the whole thing very confusing.
  • I officially switched my ‘countdown’ to be the 42 week mark instead of the 40 week mark. Which really confuses people when I try to explain it. Basically I KNOW that Bumpy will be here by 42 weeks, but if I only countdown to 40 weeks, the countdown could go negative, and I don’t want the added pressure! I think we’re going to start telling family that the due date is the beginning – middle of July and leave it at that.


And that wraps up confessions from weeks 27/28 (when the heck does the second trimester end, anyways?!) through week 36! Stay tuned for the next edition… which will probably involve curse words and be far more negative than this one. I mean, I hope not, but I’m just saying there’s a possibility. (As I type this, Bumpy is trying to kick his/her way out through my rib cage. THAT ISN’T GOING TO WORK, BUMPY!)


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