A new blog idea/direction.

Sometimes I think about the big picture of this blog and even I get confused as to what this blog actually IS. I mean, it’s definitely a lifestyle blog, but who does it serve? How does it help?
I like to think that readers of this blog are able to relate to some of the ‘life’ stuff that I’m going through, since my life has been basically one big transition – from marriage to traveling to pregnancy to motherhood… and now I’m at this crazy point in my life and I feel like I could write a stream of consciousness every single day about motherhood – but is that useful? I can’t decide.

Plus, while I love being a mom, I am other things too. Going from a career woman to being a stay-at-home-mom was a difficult decision, but one that I made confidently, because I think my time is best served being the absolute best mom and wife I can be, which I know I can only do with less stress caused by other obligations (work, in my case).
You see, if there’s one thing you may or may not know about me, it’s that I’m on a constant mission to improve. I’m kind of a self-improvement fanatic. I love how-to books. I love learning. I love researching. I love reading articles. I love being informed. However, if there’s one area that I’m really not good at, it’s anything and all things domestic.
So this year (my year of being intentional) I’m going to work on being more domestic.  It only makes sense, really, since my time is 99% (well, this is what it feels like) spent inside my house.
The timing is perfect. Clara has a nap schedule so I know when I have chunks of time to get projects* done. 
* And by ‘projects’ I do not mean DIY projects that involve more than 3 steps. I mean simply trying a new recipe, reading a new book, or even reading a new article that I can take something from and quickly apply it to my life. My goal is to be a better wife and mother, not necessarily to be the best cook or sewer or cleaning lady. Martha Stewart I am not and never will be.
I’m always trying or reading or thinking about new things, big and small, and I want to ensure I document them in case they’re useful to others.
I know that in my own life, little tips are sometimes the absolute best tips.
Therefore, this year I’m going to (attempt to) document all of the new things I try or come across, in my effort to continuously evolve. It might be a new workout/gym, a new recipe, a new way of organizing my house, a new way of organizing finances, a new pair of shoes I decided I absolutely needed, a new parenting method I’m trying, a new app I use… I mean, I can stretch this however I want! I may just share a new way of thinking about something.
I have no idea if this is going to be hard or easy, and I doubt it will be every single post I write. Friday posts are still going to be in the same format as they are currently, and if I have something personal to share or just want to write about my weekend, I’ll definitely be doing that! This blog will never be about all things domestic, but instead it’s going to be about how I’m improving my life continuously, and hopefully it will inspire you to try something new a few times a week, as well!
It’s all about being intentional – 2015!


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