Weekend Favorites (v9)

It seems I waited until the very last hour of the weekend to publish this post… typical!

Clara came down with the flu on Thursday and Tim got sick on Sunday afternoon. Womp. The whole family is now on Tamiflu to either avoid getting it (me and Isabelle) or to get better soon (Clara and Tim). Although, Clara did bounce back within 48 hours, so I’m hoping Tim can do the same.

At 36 weeks pregnant I just cannot handle Tim being sick! Everything is just too much effort.

Quickly, quickly…

Things I’m Into:

  • I cracked up while listening to this podcast episode. I actually haven’t listened to any of their other episodes, so I can’t speak to the podcast (‘The Popcast’) in general, but this one was freakin’ hilarious.
  • “A patient person is simply someone who’s in the habit of applying patience to these moments, which is to say they refrain from trying to be already past them while they’re happening.” (here)
  • “If you begin decluttering the low-value digital distractions from your life before you’ve convincingly filled in the void they were helping you ignore, the experience will be unnecessarily unpleasant at best, and a massive failure at worse. The most successful digital minimalists, therefore, tend to start their conversion by renovating what they do with their free time–cultivating high-quality leisure before culling the worst of their digital habits.” (here) 
  • I like to read some nonfiction books in between fiction binges, and right now I’m reading a Tiger Woods biography. I find it (and him) totally fascinating so far! I’m in the very first part of the book, but I highly recommend it.

Send all thoughts / prayers for health our way!

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