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‘Bumpy’ certainly lived up to her name for over 9+ months.

I was worried about a lot of things during my pregnancy, but one of the things that I was most worried about was how my weight gain and body changes would affect me emotionally. I have always been a small … Continue reading

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Lasagna and dreamcoats and March Madness and baby bumps… It’s been busy around here!

Before I even get started, I want to tell you that (after avoiding it for a year) I setup a Facebook Page for ‘Two Martinis’. If any of you have any tips on effectively using Facebook for blogging, let me … Continue reading

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‘Oh, I see your abdomen is larger than usual, you must be pregnant!’

Now that I’m in my mid late twenties, more and more friends of mine seem to be having awkward encounters involving NOT being pregnant. As in, acquaintances or strangers coming up to them and asking when they’re due, if they’re … Continue reading

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