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Holiday confessions.

I haven’t done a good old-fashioned update in a while, so let’s get back on track with some holiday ‘confessions’. // I recently ordered my Christmas cards, which means they’ll get sent out by Christmas… hopefully. One year I sent … Continue reading

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Mom confessions.

I can almost hear you thinking to yourself “gee, it’s Wednesday and my brain is barely functioning so I hope Lisa writes another bullet-pointed list instead of a full blog post!” In which case, you’re in luck! My brain is also barely … Continue reading

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Third trimester pregnancy ‘confessions’

Today is another little pregnancy milestone – Bumpy is considered full-term!  For those of you who have some knowledge on this subject, I’m aware that the new guidelines have 39 weeks as ‘officially’ full-term, but as far as my midwives … Continue reading

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(Not-so-deep) blogging ‘confessions’.

  //  I (still) get really excited when a ‘big’ blogger comments on one of my posts. //  I would rather promote other bloggers than myself. It just makes me uncomfortable to self-promote. //  I’m immediately jealous of any blogger … Continue reading

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If you were to ask me how I’m doing…

If you were to ask me how I’m doing today, like really ask me, this is what I’d probably say: Because what are best friends for if not to ask how we’re REALLY doing? – I would say that I’m … Continue reading

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