My absolute favorite app (especially for moms)

*I just want to go ahead and mention that I have no affiliation with this product, I just really, really love it and want to pass it along so you can love it, too!*

A friend recently told me about an app, and I’ve told every mom I happen to meet about it, and then I realized I haven’t blogged about it and I’m not sure why because it seriously is my favorite thing ever and it’s too good of a non-secret to keep to myself.

The app / website is Tinybeans.

Phew, glad I got that off my chest.

Basically, it’s an app that allows you to upload pictures of your little one(s) every single day. Then, you send invites to people who you want to be able to see the pics, and family and friends who download the app or visit the website can see all of the pictures. 

Simple, right?!

My mom absolutely loves it because she gets a picture (sometimes more than one, if I upload a few in one day) each morning of Clara (she has updated the email settings to send her a daily email of the pics I uploaded the day before). I can also upload little videos, which I like to do of important moments. I uploaded pics of Clara’s first laughs and her first time rolling over and of the occasional bath time… things like that.

I only share our journal with our family members, but I could easily share it with friends and whoever else wants to see 365 days of Clara pictures. 

The pictures are arranged in a calendar, like this. Then you can click on a day and see larger images/videos and the rest of the images for that day.

What I love about this app:

  • It’s free.
  • It’s easy to scroll from day to day, so I can see all 4 months of Clara’s life from day one whenever I want (I must admit, I scroll through a lot).
  • It helps me to remember what we did on certain days, and when certain milestones happened.
  • I don’t need to share a ton of pics on social media for my family members to see them, and I can post pictures of bath time without worrying about creepy people seeing them.
  • As I mentioned earlier, I can upload videos.
  • I can upload multiple pictures per day and add captions to give our family members a bit of an insight into our lives.
  • It’s easy to share our ‘journal’, which I do by adding email addresses of family members who want the pictures, and then our family members get invited to our ‘journal’ of Clara and can upload the app to their phones or they can look at the website using a login name. 
  • Unlike Instagram, anyone who can view the pictures can download the full size, so if there’s an especially cute picture, they can save it to their phones and/or computer.
  • I can edit the permissions so multiple people can add pictures to the ‘journal’.
  • Family members can ‘like’ and comment on the pictures within the app.

Basically, there’s  nothing I don’t like about this app.

Go out and spread the word. And let me know if you use Tinybeans and love it!

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