What I’m Feeling at 40 Weeks Pregnant

I’m officially 40 weeks pregnant and am feeling all of the emotions.

Feelings at 40 Weeks Pregnant

I’m feeling anxious about when labor and delivery will start.

I’m feeling a bit skeptical that labor will actually start at all (since it didn’t last time).

I’m feeling excited to know whether Baby Beni is a boy or girl.

I’m feeling uncomfortable in general. (Heartburn and swelling and a constantly full bladder and a bit of shooting pain when I walk… It’s getting real over here.)

I’m feeling guilty for not eating better or exercising more over this entire pregnancy.

I’m feeling exhausted.

I’m feeling joy in the kicks and movements that are a constant reminder that I’m carrying a baby and not a bowling ball.

I’m feeling nervous for my health and the baby’s.

I’m feeling larger and larger every second.

I’m feeling optimistic that I’ll have a better birth experience this time around.

I’m feeling so, so happy at the thought of Clara becoming a big sister – she is going to love it.

I’m feeling hormonal every once in a while.

I’m feeling strangely calm most of the time.

I’m feeling thankful for family and friends who are excited for our growing family – and especially our moms who are coming to visit to help a bit with Clara over the next few weeks.

I’m feeling extra sentimental with Clara because these are her last few weeks as my only and favorite child. (Although let’s be honest, some days Baby Beni is my favorite child.)

I’m feeling like I should follow some of my own advice but I’m failing.

I’m feeling overwhelmed at the amount of things I have on my schedule right now.

I’m feeling flattered that so many people are thinking about the state of my uterus/body in general.

I’m feeling tired because I wake up with rib pain several times a night and then can’t fall back asleep early in the morning.

I’m feeling frustrated after my last OB appointment.

I’m feeling pressured to have this baby soon.

I’m feeling jealous of everyone who has a due date near mine and are welcoming their babies while I’m over here getting bigger and bigger.

I’m feeling like I know this baby will be here within a few days/weeks (because I keep being reminded that [s]he has to come eventually) but I’m also feeling like this baby will actually never come.

… If you want to read what I was thinking about 21 short months ago when I was overdue with Clara, here’s the post.

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