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At this moment

I can’t even remember the last time I did a ‘currently’ post, but I’m bringing it back and plan on doing it semi-regularly! My little strong-woman-in-training and #girlboss. At this moment I’m… // Working on:¬†Hydration! And organizing my house… that’s … Continue reading

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Some of the good (non-heavy) stuff.

These days… // We’ve been getting outside¬†each and every day after naptime (instead of only in the mornings) and the girls are sleeping better! // I am loving that we now get groceries delivered. I’ve mentioned it before, I shall … Continue reading

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It’s not Thursday, in case you were wondering.

I went through all of today thinking it was Thursday, which is unfortunate since it’s only Tuesday. Whoops. Evidently the long weekend totally threw me off. A few things are keeping me busy lately… // Scandal. Tim and I are … Continue reading

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This week (in bullet point form).

A few things… // Clara started preschool this week! I always thought it was ridiculous when I’d hear that parents were sending their kids to preschool before they were four years old, but now I’m one of those parents and … Continue reading

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Neutrals, caffeine, shows that made me cry and shows that didn’t… etc.

… This post was written during commercial breaks of the World Series. Let’s not talk about the outcome of the first game. + I am loving fall and the changing leaves and all things pumpkin (except not necessarily PSLs). Speaking … Continue reading

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