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This is not a New Years post.

I feel like I shouldn’t post anything on the internet that isn’t directly related to my New Years resolutions, but since those aren’t quite solidified, I’m going back to a good ol’ fashioned update post (in bullet point form, of course). … Continue reading

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A quick look at this week

1) Oh hey, terrible twos! Isabelle has started screaming like a little crazy person if she even hears the word ‘no’, from anyone. Like if a friend tells her ‘no’ on the playground, the world may just be ending because … Continue reading

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Things I Want To Tell You About

Things I want to tell you about this week… + Isabelle’s 2nd birthday was a week ago, and we went out to ice cream to celebrate. At the ice cream shop Clara says “Mom, tell me again… how does God … Continue reading

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Weekend! Links (and stuff)!

5 Things. (Well, 6 if we include the graphic.) + “100% of my happiness comes from only one measure: My energy.” (a life / happiness hack here) + Society6 is having a 25% off everything sale. I took advantage of it to … Continue reading

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Monday Thoughts (v2)

I’m going to get my bloggers license revoked if I don’t get on this whole posting thing… my apologies. I don’t know how 10 days have already passed right on by! I realize that posting seems to be an essential … Continue reading

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