I’ve barely changed out of my pajamas all week except to put on other pajamas.

You may have heard that it’s been cold this week. Everywhere. Well, I’ve not-so-secretly loved it. We’ve been sleep training Clara which means that we’ve been ‘stuck’ in the house for weeks now, and I’m kind of glad that now everyone else is stuck inside, too! There’s something about miserable weather that makes being cooped up way more tolerable. Now, if I feel cabin fever I just look outside, see the snow coming down and people in 80 layers hustling around, and I quickly realize that I’m quite content indoors.

That being said, I’m truly thankful that I have a comfortable apartment, fuzzy socks, and warm beverages – It’s amazing how wonderful these things are and how easy it is to take them for granted.

I should mention that we did brave the cold to go on a date night last night, so don’t feel too sorry for me!

Now onto Friday things.

(This Week) I’ve Learned:

  • How to make decision-making a bit easier. (here)
  • That taking too many photos can negatively affect my memories of events. (here)
  • Community college might become more affordable (free?!) soon. (here)
  • Technology may be helping to kill the jewelry industry. (here)
  • That I am not that special:

(This Week) Clara

… is getting closer to crawling.

… has been sleeping for 8%20 hours at night without waking up at all.

… is spending a lot of time hanging out with her parents in the apartment since it’s so cold outside.

… has started reaching her arms out to get picked up.

… still hasn’t figured out the whole food thing.

(This Week) I Wrote:

  • A holiday recap. (Mon)
  • That this blog may be changing a bit. (Tues)
  • A review and giveaway of one of my new favorite children’s books. (Wed)
  • That I want to improve on being present in the moment – as I sit here writing this while Tim’s next to me playing Super Mario World… Whoops (Thurs)
* Wow, I wrote 5 posts this week! That hasn’t happened in a while. Can you tell Clara’s been sleeping better and I feel like a whole new woman?!

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Are you already tired of the winter or have you been enjoying your time indoors?


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